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Presenter: James Chiariello
Time & Location: Thursday at 3pm, Friday at 9am – Table 8
District & School: Jersey City Public Schools-Ferris HS

psi_logo_(1).pngThe Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) is a program designed to support high levels of student achievement in physics, chemistry, and biology that was developed over 10 years by teachers for teachers. The New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a non-profit organization of teachers who are continuously expanding, refining, and helping schools implement these curricula.

What is PSI? Learn more ahead of time.

About this Session:
Free digital content will be used to explain how PSI’s free digital content is uses SMART Board and student responders to drive instruction and formative assessment. Further, teachers will learn how teachers can become certified physics or chemistry through an innovative endorsement program. This session will be led by a PSI classroom teacher with first-hand experience with the endorsement program.

All free digital content, as well as other information about teaching certification can be found on

Highlights of PSI:
  • Free digital course content including presentations, homework, labs, and assessments.
  • Course content uses SMART Notebook and SMART Responders
  • Science sequence: Physics-Chemistry-Biology
  • PSI uses a set of research-based teaching methods
  • Professional development is available for already certified science teachers to learn these methods.
  • Teachers of other subjects (English, history, art, etc) can become certified teachers of physics or chemistry through the Kean-CTL Endorsement Program
  • CTL Alternate Route programs are offered for those entering teaching that want certification in physics or chemistry.

About the Presenter:
James Chiariello is a physics teacher at Ferris High School in Jersey City and currently teaches 9th graders PSI Physics and 10th graders AP Physics B. James, an already accomplished physics teacher, participated in the PSI Endorsement program in 2009, and was amongst the first teachers completing that program.

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